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Know yourself and create spaces you will love

Know yourself and create spaces you will love

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." — David Hicks

What does your living room, dining room or bedroom say about you? Are there shelves with photos of loved ones, and treasures from travels or a gallery wall of hand-picked pieces of art? Is your furniture painted, a mash-up of second hand finds and hand-me-down pieces, straight from a furniture show room, or a bit of both?

My home has gone through many different looks as my children have grown through many different stages! When they were young, the most important thing to me was that the home was tidy; that there was a place for everything – which was tricky! Our home is on the small side, built in 1906. It has an addition which houses the kitchen, laundry, and utilities, so the actual living space is compact. I did try to style things as best I could, with what we had (not fancy, and not new), but I soon learned some things about myself.

Number 1. I prefer quick and light dusting. Bookcases with glass doors are preferred, and anything on the walls needs to be in a frame, not on a shelf.

Number 2. I want quick and light floor cleaning. I want only furniture that is necessary, so I have less items to move. 

Number 3. I like to feel cozy. I like blankets and cushions and having easy access to my tea or coffee. BUT I have 2 large dogs. This means, I must have a home for cozy blankets and cushions, to keep them from collecting fur/hair on the daily.

Number 4. I like to walk into a tidy space. This means having minimal stuff, a home for the stuff, and the stuff gets put away. A beautiful credenza gifted from my parents sits in our living room and has a great amount of storage for items, like batteries, candles, blankets, and photo albums.

Number 5. I am visual and sentimental. I love seeing evidence of fond memories on our walls or on the bookcase. I also love using items from my grandparents in everyday life or as home décor. We have been using my paternal grandmother’s fine china as our everyday dishes for well over 10 years. I also have a small desk of hers, which fits perfectly in the front entryway. And my grandad's pipe sits in the china cabinet.

Number 6. I prefer furniture that is previously owned. I like the construction, the history, and the price. I love that it is not so precious – in my family, we are hard on our things and I know that if a brand-new, expensive piece of furniture was damaged, I would be more annoyed than if it were something bought second-hand. Finally, I love that I can refinish it or paint it when I feel like it, without a second thought to its original cost.

These 6 insights have helped me create a home that works with me, instead of against me. I still struggle with clutter, and the pet hair seems never-ending, but life is messy and imperfect, right? What do you know about yourself and how do you use that to style your home? Let me know in the comments!



When my mom moved into her new house with a beautiful dining room, she only had a chrome kitchen table.
We answered an add for an old dining room set.
The lady said her husband was going to buy her a new modern set!
We paid 40 $ for a beautiful oak round table, chairs, buffet with mirror, and China cabinet…..she cherished it for years…❤

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